Pushett Irby Photography is Judith Pushett and Kevin Irby. We are based in Brooklyn, New York.

As accomplished photographers in our own rite, we have combined our talents utilizing an old relic: a turn-of-the-century 11 x 14 inch wood camera. Channeling the auspicious image makers who first employed this new medium, we feel the same exuberance they must have felt with each new photograph.

Using this camera is a challenge — quite different from the point-and-shoot digital cameras that have become so commonplace in our fast, information-driven culture. Although very beautiful to look at, the camera is clunky and extremely heavy. Every image takes some time to set up and several hours to develop and print.

Each photo shoot is tempered by our insistance on using only available light, like the days of yore. So on occasion an exposure may take more than a few seconds; an opportunity for the subject to be more involved and committed to the process. We believe that this collaboration leads to a more honest portrait which embodies more of the subject's spirit than any other type of camera can deliver.

We love how the experience teaches us to slow down and appreciate the beautiful things right in front of us.